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SPIE OPtics+Photonics 2014 has been a very complete meeting for IMPETUX. We could take the most of the existing synergies between the Technical talks and the Exhibition.

To begin with, we gave a talk, among the more that 3000 technical presentations in the symposia , explaining the insides of our technology.

Furthermore,  there were two additional talks given by Dr Mario Montes and  Frederic Català both from the Optical Trapping Lab – Grup de Biofotònica (1)  ,showing amazing results achieved using the technology IMPETUX is putting into the market.

 (read more about the contents of these talks here)

 Afterwards, every one interested in our solutions for current problems in optical tweezers force measurement,  could visit us at our both in the fair and learned in more detail which is our proposal.

They could hold in their hands the two systems we have already released into the market and exchange impressions about their potential with us.

Always a pleasure to share with the field expert their concerns and needs.

Thank you every one for your visit !

 (1) Belongs to the Applied Physics and Optics Department of the University of Barcelona.

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