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“Optical Force Sensing With Cylindical Microcontainers”

Recently, the paper: “Optical Force Sensing With Cylindical Microcontainers” has been published in the Particle & Particle System Characterization Journal.

In this work Professor Denz and her team: Mr. Meissner and Dr. Oliver, use our force measurement system commercially available:  Lunam T-40i, to measure forces on cylindrical probes (*) in order to establish whether the established methodology for force sensing based on spherical objects still applies for other geometrically anisotropic probes.

(*) “there is an increasing demand in using force probes in elongated or cylindrical shape: Most biological probes that are of utmost importance to guarantee biocompatibility of in vivo force metrology, are no spherical objects”.

Congratulations for the results team !.

You will find the complete paper here.

You will find more information about our commercially available instruments for Biophysics and Mechanobiology here.


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