Cygnium™ G-422

The Impetux’s optical trapping module Cygnium™ G-422 is a compact and robust laser tweezers unit specifically designed for a versatile and flexible manipulation of biological samples.

Its core technology allows simultaneously operating multiple independent traps and attain force measurements in each individual focus. Thanks to its fast beam-steering capabilities, active microrheology experiments can be performed in the range of 1-100 kHz.

The optimized optical design of Cygnium™ G-422 provide a highly efficient trapping for a low cell damage. Furthermore, in combination with the distinctive technology of our sensor modules, forces can be measured with even higher efficiency, typically reducing cell damage by a factor 2-3.

The user-friendy interface of the Cygnium™ G-422 provides a straightforward operation for non-experts.

Technical specifications

  • Compact opto-mechanical design, compatible with Nikon microscopes TE2000 and Ti.
  • Infrared laser for biological compatibility.
  • 2D fast trap steering (100 kHz).
  • > 10 independent traps.
  • Accurate positioning of the individual traps.
  • Laser power at sample > 0.5 W.
  • Maximum typical trapping forces of 100-500 pN.
  • Direct PC communication through Hi-speed USB 2.0 port.
  • Acquisition software included.
  • Dimensions of the sensor head (L x H x W): 360 x 250 x 90 mm.

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