Cygnium™ G-422 – Optical manipulation module

  • A compact and robust module conceived as a satellite instrument for inverted optical microscopes.
  • Designed for a versatile and flexible optical manipulation of biological samples.
  • Acousto-optic deflection technology allowing simultaneous manipulation of multiple optical traps (>10).
  • Optimized optical design for an excellent trapping efficiency and minimal optical damage.
  • User-friendly control software interface assures straightforward operation for non-experts.
  • Integrated default routines for multiple optical traps operation.
  • “Click and drag” mode for manual generation and operation of optical traps.
  • Integrated routines for micro-rheology experiments.

For a complete workstation integrating optical trapping and force sensing check the SENSOCELL™ and the Lunam™T-40i product pages.

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Technical Specifications

  • Compact opto-mechanical design, compatible with Nikon inverted microscopes TE2000, Ti and Ti-2.
  • Infrared laser for biological compatibility. Laser Power = 5W.
  • 2D fast optical trap steering (20 – 100 kHz).
  • > 10 independent traps.
  • Accurate positioning of the individual optical traps with subnanometer resolution.
  • Control laser power at sample from few mW to > 0.5 W.
  • Maximum typical trapping forces of 100-500 pN.
  • Direct PC communication through Hi-speed USB 2.0 port.
  • Acquisition software included.
  • Automated routines for optical traps manipulation and micro-rheology tests.

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