A novel optical tweezers concept for cell and tissue mechanobiology.

A unique Force sensor technology:


  • No calibrations needed.
  • Measure forces inside living cells and tissues.
  • Simultaneous measurements on multiple traps.
  • Measure on non-spherical objects.
  • 3D Force measurements.

Multiple optical traps generation module:


  • Up to 256 traps.
  • AOD beam steering technology.
  • 25 kHz trap steering frequency.
  • 5W, 1064 nm single-frequency laser.
  • Compatible with different microscopies (BF, epi-FL, DIC, TIRFF, Confocal…).

Automated routines for cell mechanobiology:


  • “Click and Drag” trapping mode.
  • Active & passive micro-rheology.
  • Tether pulling & escape force measurements.
  • Multiple particles oscillations & trajectories definition.
  • Force clamp mode.
  • Trap stiffness & position calibration… and more coming soon!
  • Create your own routines using our LightAce macro language!

SENSOCELL™ – Optical tweezers for mechanobiology

Specially designed for mechanobiology applications, the distinctive optical tweezers technology developed and commercialized by IMPETUX enables unprecedented experiments in cells and 3D tissues:

  • Perform multiple optical trapping experiments with simultaneous force measurements and active/passive micro-rheology tests inside living cells or 3D tissues.
  • Manipulate individual cells or cell organelles like nuclei, membranes or other native structures while tracking the forces involved in a non-invasive way.

Main features:

  • Up to 256 optical traps.
  • Calibration-free force measurements in living cells and 3D tissues.
  • Compatible with phase contrastDIC or fluorescence imaging.
  • Active/passive micro-rheology measurements of biological samples.
  • Ease of use and user friendly control software interface.
  • Automated routines for cell mechanobiology studies: Force clamp, tether pulling…
  • Create your own routines using our simple macro language.
  • Accurate determination of sample position.
  • Optimal trapping efficiency* to prevent cell damage.
  • Maximum control of laser power at sample.

* Factor 2-3 compared to traditional technology.

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Video Demonstrations

Basic features


Trap generation and manipulation
Calibration-free force measurements
Oscillation routines
Power spectra acquisition
Active & passive micro-rheology

Particle Manipulation &

Force measurements

Optical trap generation
Particle manipulation
Calibration-free force measurements



Cell manipulation
Cell adhesion forces
Cell-cell interactions
Tether pulling
Cell stretching
Ative & passive micro-rheology

System Description

SENSOCELL™ is and add-on instrument for Nikon inverted microscopes. It can be either installed on a preexisting microscope or offered by us in an integrated platform including a new Nikon Ti-2 inverted microscope. The optical tweezers platform is composed by:

  • An optical manipulation module allowing optical trapping and manipulation of multiple microscopic samples.
  • A force sensor module allowing simultaneous & direct measurement of the exerted optical trapping forces.
  • A rack mount case with all electronics and a single-frequency laser source (5W, 1064 nm).

SENSOCELL™  also comes with LightAce, its powerful, flexible and user-friendly control software suite featuring:

  • Extensive control over multiple simultaneous optical traps.
  • Force & position real time data analysis for multiple optical traps.
  • Predefined and customizable automated routines for cell mechanobiology applications.
  • The possibility of creating your own routines using a simple and flexible macro language.

All our systems are aligned at our customer’s lab to assure optimal performance. After installation, an intensive training course is offered by our expert technicians.

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