Optical trap generation module

Versatile and flexible optical trap manipulation designed for biological samples. 

We present you a compact and robust optical trap generation module conceived as a satellite instrument for Nikon inverted optical microscopes. Enclosed into a high-quality aluminum box and assembled onto the microscope body, its design minimizes the impact of any instabilities of the optical table and assures the maximum mechanical stability of the system and lowest drift.

  • Generation and manipulation of multiple simultaneous traps (up to 256 optical traps).
  • Optimized optical design for an excellent optical trapping efficiency.
  • Extensive and versatile manipulation. Trajectories, oscillations, pattern morphing…
  • Based on acousto-optic deflection technology.
  • Ultra-stable low noise infrared laser for biological compatibility included (1064 nm, 5W power and <0.3% long term power fluctuations).
  • Compatible with different imaging techniques including BrightField, epi-FL, TIRF or Confocal microscopy


Technical specifications.

  • 2D fast trap steering (up to 25 kHz).
  • Accurate positioning of the individual optical traps with sub-nanometer precision.
  • Working field: typically 80 μm x 80 μm for a 60X objective magnification).
  • Optical trap stiffness: 1pN/mW·μm (typ.)
  • Laser power at sample as high as >0.5 W.
  • Dimensions of the optical unit (L x H x W): 360 x 250 x 90 mm.
  • Assembled on Nikon Ti2 inverted microscopes through Epi-FL port.
optical trap generation module of SENSOCELL optical tweezers
optical trap generation module installed

Detail of  SENSOCELL ‘s optical trap generation module installed on a NIKON Ti-2 microscope’s body.

laser trap pattern morphing with SENSOCELL
multiple optical trap trajectories with SENSOCELL