Optical tweezers for cell and tissue mechanobiology

With a unique force sensor technology,

multiple optical traps generation module and

automated & customizable routines.

IMPETUX – Optical Tweezers for Mechanobiology

Impetux is a worldwide key manufacturer and supplier of turnkey optical tweezers systems designed for mechanobiology studies in living cells and 3D tissues. Based on our distinctive and worldwide patented technology, SENSOCELL allows manipulating and deforming cells as whole or even endogenous structures such as the cell membrane, the cell nucleus, vesicles and other organelles while tracking the in vivo biological forces involved, even inside living tissues. Discover the insights of the rich world of cell mechanobiology in studies like cell micro-rheology, nucleus mechanotransduction, cell membrane mechanics, molecular motor activity and cell-cell interactions. SENSOCELL  enables outstanding and unprecedented optical trapping experiences to explore new ways to boost your research.



  • Generate up to 256 optical traps thanks to its AOD beam steering technology enabling extensive manipulating control over them.
  • Get direct force measurements inside cells and tissues. No previous calibrations are needed: just trap & measure!
  • Track simultaneous force measurements over multiple independent traps.
  • Measure forces applied either over trapped exogenous spherical particles or directly over whole cells or endogenous trappable cellular structures such as lipid vesicles, membranes or nuclei.
  • A wide variety of imaging techniques compatibility (BF, epi-FL, TIRF, Confocal…).
  • Use our predefined & customizable routines for cell mechanobiology: force clamp, active & passive micro-rheology, cell stretching, tether pulling…
  • …or create your own routines using our simple LightAce Software Development Kit!
  • Includes an ultra-stable single-frequency laser source (5W, 1064 nm) for the best performance in frequency-dependent studies.
  • A fully operational Ti2 Nikon inverted microscope (customizable configuration) included. Installation on preexisting Nikon inverted microscopes is also an option.

SENSOCELL product page Force sensor technology Optical manipulation technology

No calibrations
Customized routines
Generate up to 256 optical traps with SENSOCELL optical tweezers
Up to 256 traps
Imaging compatibility: confocal, DIC, fluorescence, TIRF
Fluorescence imaging compatibility
In Vivo Measurements
Laser trapping with a single-frequency laser: SENSOCELL
Single-frequency laser

Applications for Cell & Tissue Mechanobiology

optical tweezers application for cell mechanobiology: membrane tension and tether pulling

Tether Pulling

Study cell membrane mechanics in cells and explants performing tether pulling experiments. Use our customizable routines or create your own tether pulling routines.

optical tweezers application for cell mechanobiology: immune cell-cell interactions.

Immune Cells Interactions

Manipulate whole cells to engage cell-cell interactions and measure their binding forces while having absolute control on cells orientation and contact time. Use functionalized beads and/or substrates to measure in vitro receptor-ligand binding forces.

optical tweezers application for cell mechanobiology: micro-rheology

Active Micro-Rheology

Perform active & passive micro-rheology experiments in viscoelastic media like cell’s cytoplasm, hydrogels or biofilms.

optical tweezers application for cell mechanobiology: whole cell and nucleus shape deformation and stretching

Cell & Nucleus Deformation

Study cell membrane and cell nucleus mechanotransduction pathways by stretching the cell as a whole or manipulating the cell nucleus.

optical tweezers application for cell mechanobiology: membrane mechanoreceptors. Cell-ECM interactions

Cell-ECM Interactions

Study the dynamics and forces of transmembrane mechanoreceptors in cell-ECM interactions at the single-molecule level.

optical tweezers application for cell mechanobiology: motor proteins activity

In Vivo Motor Proteins Activity

​Study the activity and kinetics of motor proteins in vitro and in vivo. Measure stall forces of protein motors and observe tug-of-war and cooperating phenomena.

SENSOCELL Optical Tweezers: Main Features & Applications Overview

Are you thinking in a different application? Contact us and we will be happy to discuss it!

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