Multiple optical trapping and simultaneous force measurements for cell and tissue mechanics.
Calibration-free force measurements allow unprecedented quantitative optical trapping in cells and tissues.
Motor proteins, cell-cell interactions, cell migration, cell motility…


Optical Tweezers for Mechanobiology

Impetux is a worldwide key supplier of turnkey optical tweezers systems designed for mechanobiology studies in living cells and 3D tissues.

Mechanobiology is a growing topic that is bound to have a great impact on diverse research fields like cancer, morphogenesis, immunology or regenerative medicine. The optical tweezers platform SENSOCELL™ enables outstanding and unprecedented optical trapping experiences for those researchers exploring new ways to boost their research:

  • Perform multiple optical trapping experiments with simultaneous force measurements and active/passive micro-rheology tests inside living cells or 3D tissues.
  • Manipulate individual cells or cell organelles like nuclei, membranes or other native structures while tracking the forces involved in a non-invasive way.

Our worldwide patented technology not only allows measuring rheological properties and forces where others cannot but also gives unprecedented ease of use of optical tweezers for cell mechanics studies. Check the unique capabilities of our optical manipulation module Cygnium ™ G-422 and force sensor Lunam ™ T-40i to know more.

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Optical tweezers platform

Multiple optical traps generation and simultaneous calibration-free force measurements combined in a single research platform.

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Force sensor

Discover the unique capabilities of our calibration-free force sensor based on the analysis of light momentum changes. Also available for custom optical tweezers setups.

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Optical manipulation module

Thanks to its acousto-optic deflector based technology, it offers the highest flexibility in multiple trap generation and optical manipulation.

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Key Applications

Motor Proteins

Stall forces

Cooperation / Tug-of-war

Membrane Mechanics

Membrane deformation

Membrane stiffness

Cell contacts

Cell Migration

Protrusion forces

Migration forces

Membrane mechanoreceptors

Cell-Cell Interaction


Antibody-antigen interaction


Cytoplasm viscoelasticity

ECM micro-rheology

Cytoskeleton dynamics

Cell Division

Mitotic spindle forces

Chromosome separation

Nucleus Manipulation

Nucleus stretching

Nucleus displacement

Cell Motility

Swimming bacteria

Sperm motility

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