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Cell Mechanics is a field of Biophysics that focuses on how the mechanical properties and behavior of living cells regulate -and are regulated by- biological function with the goal to unveil their role in disease. IMPETUX instruments enable unprecedented manipulation and mechanical stimulation of living cells and tissues while simultaneously measuring cell forces and their rheological properties in a direct, absolute and non-invasive way. Our products are built upon cutting-edge technologies, such as optical tweezers (2018 Physics Nobel Prize winning) and our unique force spectroscopy tools.

Optical tweezers designed for Cell Mechanics

IMPETUX is a key manufacturer and worldwide supplier of turnkey optical tweezers systems for Cell Mechanics studies in living cells and tissues. Explore the insights of the rich world of Mechanobiology with our SENSOCELL optical trapping platform designed for applications like intracellular micro rheology, cell nucleus mechanotransduction, cell membrane mechanoreceptor forces, motor proteins activity or cell cell interactions.

A team of scientists committed to the progress of Science

Our mission is to provide solutions that meet the needs of Cell Mechanics researchers to help them address their current and future challenges that require new approaches to be solved. We are scientists developing tools for scientists and our dedicated team is by their side throughout the process to help them maximize the performance they will get from our instruments. In this way, we want to contribute to the generation of scientific knowledge and the development of diverse fields like Cancer, Embryonic Development, Tissue Engineering or Biomedicine with the ultimate goal to improve the quality of life of people.

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optical tweezers setup SENSOCELL fro cell mechanics

SENSOCELL optical tweezers for Cell Mechanics

SENSOCELL is the only optical trapping platform in the market combining multiple optical traps control at high speed with direct force spectroscopy. Mounted on a scientific inverted microscope, the optical tweezers setup can be customized with your preferred microscope configuration and can be combined with several imaging techniques like spinning disk confocal, epi-Fluorescence or TIRF microscopies. Its flexibility, precision and ease of use allow performing unprecedented cell mechanics experiments right from the start, even for non-expert users. SENSOCELL is a high-end instrument offering the highest quality optical trapping and force sensing technologies, all within the typical budget of scientific laboratories.

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optical trapping technology SENSOCELL

Optical trapping technology

Based on acousto-optic steering technology, our optical trap generation module allows generating and controlling up to 256 optical traps simultaneously at a frequency of 25 kHz, an order of magnitude faster than galvo-mirrors-based systems. The optical tweezers setup includes a single-frequency infrared laser source (5W, 1064nm). Our intuitive and friendly-user LightAce control software will allow you to control manually each optical trap individually or program automatized trajectories, periodic oscillations and morphing patterns and apply them to multiple optical traps simultaneously. The system allows recording videos of your cell mechanics experiments synchronized with the registered force and position data of multiple simultaneous optical traps.

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Force spectroscopy technology SENSOCELL

Force spectroscopy technology

Our unique direct force sensor based on light momentum changes detection is the core of our SENSOCELL instrument. Our patented and exclusive force spectroscopy technology will allow you to measure optical trapping forces in complex media like the inside of living cells and tissues on irregular objects and far beyond the linear region of force-distance curves, thus opening the door to unprecedented cell mechanics experiments in in vivo conditions. The best part? No calibrations are needed to measure forces independently of your sample and medium properties! Our direct force sensor will allow you to measure forces simultaneously over multiple traps (256), use its force feedback loop to execute force clamping, control precisely the laser irradiation power at the sample plane and track your trapped objects positions.

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Cell-cell interaction studies application image

Applications in Cell Mechanics and Soft Matter Physics

SENSOCELL is the perfect tool for cell mechanics and soft matter physics researchers offering a wide variety of applications using microspheres, whole cells or endogenous cellular structures as probes to mechanically stimulate and sense your samples:

  • Mechanoreceptors forces at the single-molecule level
  • Cell membrane tether pulling and deformation.
  • Active rheology: elasticity, viscosity & stiffness of cells and biological tissue.
  • Cell nucleus mechanotransduction.
  • Cell-cell interactions and adhesion forces.
  • Motor proteins kinetics in vivo & in vitro.
  • Microswimmers & bacteria cell motility forces.

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