Optical trapping platform SENSOCELL

With its innovative optical manipulation module and unique force spectroscopy technology, the SENSOCELL optical trapping platform is the perfect tool for researchers pushing the limits of science in the field of Cellular and Molecular Biophysics.

The only optical trapping system including calibration-free force measurements

SENSOCELL is the only optical trapping platform in the market that allows measuring forces without needing any prior calibration of the trap stiffness enabling even non-expert users to perform direct force measurements and rheology assays in an easy and speedy manner.

Measure inside living cells, tissues and organisms

Our patented and exclusive force spectroscopy technology allows measuring forces in complex media like living cells, tissues or living organisms as well as non biological material such as colloids or liquid crystals.

Active rheology assays of cellular medium, colloids and protein condensates

Characterize the sitffness, viscosity and elasticity of cells cytoplasm and nucleus with our automatized TimSom rheology routine.

Optical trapping and force measurements on cells and organelles

Forces can be measured on irregular objects such as cells and bacteria or endogenous trappable cellular structures like lipid vesicles, membranes and nuclei.

optical tweezers setup SENSOCELL

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Cell nucleus indentation with 2 traps. Courtesy of M. Krieg’s lab (ICFO) 

Applications of the SENSOCELL optical trapping platform

Our optical trapping setup has applications in different fields:

Cell Mechanobiology

Applications include measuring cell membrane tension, receptor-ligand adhesions, intracellular rheology, cell indentation, nucleus mechanics, cell motion forces and cell-cell interactions

Liquid-Liquid Phase separation (LLPS) of biomolecular condensates

Characterize the viscoelasticity of protein droplets by measuring their bulk and interface complex shear modulus

Single molecule interactions

Study DNA-protein interactions, motor protein activity and the mechanics of cytoskelton filaments

Colloidal and soft matter physics

Measure particle-particle interactions in colloidal systems, gels, or liquid crystals and perform active rheology assays of these materials

Precise, extensive and flexible optical trapping capabilities

Sensocell users can manually control mutliple optical traps using the “click & drag” mode through the camera interface or apply predefined oscillations, trajectories, pattern sequences, active rheology routines or force clamping in an automatized way.

Generate and control up to 256 optical traps

Thanks to its fast acousto-optic deflection (AOD) technology, our optical trapping module allows generating and manipulating up to 256 simultaneous optical traps.

Fluorescence, Confocal and Super-Resolution imaging

SENSOCELL is an add-on instrument for inverted microscopes with customizable configuration. The SENSOCELL optical trapping platform can be offered combined with several imaging techniques including Spinning Disk Confocal, SIM, epi-FL or TIRF.

An optical trapping setup with customizable configuration

The SENSOCELL optical tweezers platform includes:

The system can be acquired already assembled on a customizable inverted microscope from the NIKON Ti2 family. The system can eventually be installed on preexisting NIKON Ti2 inverted microscopes after a compatibility check.

Video of a sequence of multiple trap patterns applied on 16 microspheres

Different optical manipulation modes used on beads and cells

Discover LightAce, our control software suite for SENSOCELL optical trapping platform.

​LightAce is a powerful, flexible and user-friendly control software suite for the SENSOCELL optical trapping platform. Easy and intuitive to work with, LightAce will allow you to:

Program advanced optical trapping experiments with our built-in routines

Navigating through the different options on the interface menu, LightAce offers you an incredible set of optical trapping, manipulation & measurement features. Use our LightAce integrated routines and customize them for your specific experiments by simply setting the desired parameter values.

Record videos synchronized with force and position data

Synchronized with the optical trapping platform camera, LightAce allows recording videos of your experiments synchronized in time with mutliple traps force and position data.

Create your own routines using our LightAce SDK.

Use the LightAce Software Development Kit (SDK) to create your own routines without coding in a simple, flexible and visual interface.

1. Choose among the manipulation & measurements functions included in the LightAce SDK library:

LightAce SDK library

2. Customize your selected functions by setting their input parameters values following our detailed SDK manual instructions:

LightAce SDK function

3. Combine them to create your routines and control all optical trapping capabilities and features of SENSOCELL. Here is an example of a1-click routine that applies a predefined trajectory simultaneously to multiple traps:

LightAce SDK Collective trajectory routine