Force Measurement Systems and Optical Tweezers for

quantitative cell and tissue mechanics

IMPETUX is a company established in Barcelona, which focuses its activity on Design, Manufacturing and Marketing novel non-invasive manipulating toolbox for sensing forces and capturing dynamic process in live samples beyond imaging.
We make available a patented technology that overcomes existing limitations, providing clear advantages when measuring forces in life science.
Our systems allow force measurements in experiments where trap stiffness calibration is difficult or impossible.


Learn more about our patented technology: the method of measuring optical forces based on the analysis of the light momentum changes.


Our products use original technology that will multiply the potential of your optical trapping setup. Discover what Lunam T-40i or Deimus T-10i can do for your research.


Solutions for nowaday’s challenges: Find out examples of featured Applications easy to achieve with Impetux’s technology.

About us

Find out who we are and what motivate us.

Trias i Giró 15, 1-5 08034 Barcelona, Spain +34 931856938

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