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The IMPETUX team is glad to announce the launch of the entry-level optical force measurement system: Deimus T-10i.

As a result of our continuous development activity we are proud to present our new T series system for Optical Tweezers

Do you want to multiply the possibilities of your optical trapping setup at a low price?

Do you want to finally achieve those quantitative results you have been looking for quickly and easily?

Deimus T-10i is an entry-level version that can fulfill all your needs.

Impetux’s exclusive, patented technology, leads you where other force methods cannot. Our products represent a change in the force measurement field, making possible and simple the experiments where traditional trap stiffness calibration fails.

Deimus T-10i represents:

  • Novelty: It allows the measurement of optical forces in experiments where the calibration is complicated or impossible
  • Versatility: it is compatible with different microscope models
  • Affordability: excellent price performance ratio

Find out now how Deimus T-10i can lead you further on your research.

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