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An interesting new article have been published today in Scientific Reports related with IMPETUX technology:

Extending calibration-free force measurements to optically-trapped rod-shaped samples – Català, F. et al.

In this article the authors demonstrate that the beam momentum detection can be applied to measure forces on optically trapped cylinders, without the need for previous trap calibration or complete understanding of the trapping dynamics.

Since Force measurement based on beam momentum detection is independent of any local parameter present in the experiment, in addition to rod-shaped samples, the method described and based on IMPETUX patented Technology can be undertaken in non-viscous media, such an interior of a Cell. Biological cargos driven by molecular motors can be directly trapped without the aid of spherical probes, and the pulling forces measured under strict physiological conditions.

For more detailed information , have a look at the article here.

Enjoy the reading!

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