IMPETUX at MBI 3M 2021

The next event in which IMPETUX will be present will be virtual and will be the conference: Materials, Mimics and Microfluidics: Engineering Tools for Mechanobiology (MBI 3M 2021) organized by the Mechanobiology Institute of the National University of Singapore.

If you are attending the event, join us at our exhibitor showcase talk:

SENSOCELL: A multiple optical trapping platform combining direct force spectroscopy & fluorescence imaging

📅DATE: Thursday 22th July at 1:00 PM (Singapore time)

We will show the advantages of our patented direct force spectroscopy technology and explain how we overcome the classical limitations of optical tweezers turning them into a high-level tool for mechanobiology.

You can head over to the event website to check out the complete program  here.


📌If you are interested in how our optical tweezers system: SENSOCELL can push your research forward in applications such as the measurement of cell membrane forces, the study of nucleus mechanics, the measurement of cell-cell interaction forces among others, do not hesitate to join us or contact us any time!


Time remaining before the start of this event: