EMBO workshop: Physics of living systems: From molecules to tissues

📅DATE: June 07-11, 2021

The next event in which IMPETUX will be present will be virtual and will be the EMBO workshop:  Physics of living systems: From molecules to tissues

We will be participating with a talk to show how our patented cutting-edge technology can be a fundamental tool to reveal new understanding in this amazing field.

📅June 17, at 14:40 h. CET  we will be on line with the talk:

SENSOCELL Optical tweezers: sensing force from outside and inside cells

A great opportunity to meet comfortably for discussion and feedback!.

You can head over to the event website to check out the program and register here.

📌If you are interested in how our optical tweezers system: SENSOCELL can push your research forward in applications such as the measurement of cell membrane forces, the study of nucleus mechanics, the measurement of cell-cell interaction forces among others, do not hesitate to join us or contact us any time!


Time remaining before the start of this event: