We are delighted to share a new publication that shows another interesting application of SENSOCELL:

Non-equilibrium fluctuations and nonlinear response of an active bath

 Hunter Seyforth, Mauricio Gomez, W. Benjamin Rogers, Jennifer L. Ross, Wylie W. Ahmed

In this work, Dr Ahmed, the leader of the  Laboratory for Soft, Living, and Active Matter at the Califronaia State University Fullerton, together with   Dr Syforth and Dr Gomez from the same university , Dr Rogers from the Brandeis University and Dr Ross from the Syracuse University, analyze the dynamics of a passive colloidal probe immersed in an active bath using Optical tweezers in combination with our force spectroscopy technology .

If you are interested in soft condensed matter and nonlinear rheology do not miss it !

This article is a pre-print, and you will find it at: arXiv:2110.15917 [cond-mat.soft]

Congratulations to all the people involved !


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