Last week  we could read a fascinating project story related with one of our customers.

The project, led by Pere Roca-Cusachs at IBEC and entitled: Mechano·Control: mechanical control of biological function, aims to understand and control cellular mechanics from molecules to organs.

The project team is already achieving important goals and performing amazing experiments.

For example, they have been doing rheological measurements to understand Cell-ECM interactions and see how they can alter the mechanical properties of the cell cytoeskeleton with SENSOCELL.

The finding will help fight breast cancer.

For more details, have a look at the interesting interview with Zanetta Kechgia, a postdoc of the team led by Dr Pere Roca-Cusachs at IBEC here.


📌If you are interested in how our optical tweezers system: SENSOCELL can be used for cell micro-rheology measurements, cell nucleus indentation experiments, neuron mechanosensation studies, among others applications,  do not hesitate to have a look at the application section or directly contact us.