Stochastic force dynamics generated by a Chlamydomonas microswimmer in Optical Tweezers studied using the photon momentum method:


Here we share an interesting publication from Dr. Ahmed Lab from the Department of Physics of the California State University Fullerton et al.

 “Stochastic force dynamics of the model microswimmer Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: Active forces and energetics

In this paper the authors study the stochastic force dynamics of a model microswimmer algae (Chlamydomonas reinhardtii), using a combined experimental, theoretical, and numerical approach.

For the experimental work they directly measured the stochastic forces generated by these algae using an optical trap via the photon momentum method.

“Optical trapping to manipulate and study microswimmers is not new”

they state

“ however, in-situ calibration is typically challenging. Here , direct force measurements are possible due to recent advances in optical trap calibration known as the photon momentum method…..”.

For this, the authors used an optical tweezers system from IMPETUX . IMPETUX products are the only optical tweezers systems in the market incorporating this patented calibration-free force-sensing technology.

The following video (courtesy of Dr Ahmed),  shows a optically trapped Chlamydomonas microswimmers and real-time X-Y force measurement.


The authors conclude that the photon momentum method, a part of providing other several advantages, is a key technique to study the force dynamics of microswimmers with complex force patterns not previously accessible.

You can have a look at the details of the results obtained and conclusions here

Enjoy the reading!

Congratulations to the authors!


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